Katy perry

An Illuminati member.

Katy Perry is an UnAmerican singer, member of the Circle of 33, and actress. She is capable of hypnosis using only her voice and wields the deadly weapon of whipped cream. Despite her unparalleled powers, she prefers to work behind the scenes. Her latest major project was setting up I Kissed a Girl for World Domination. Psy tried and failed back in 2013ish to set up his own song, Gangnam Style, but he and it are no match for Katy Perry and I Kissed a Girl. Only Friday is stronger than I Kissed a Girl.

Illuminati recruitment

Katy Perry was recruited into the Illuminati after some members of the Circle of 13 witnessed her sing and immediately recognized her skill. After a discussion of the whole Circle, some other events happened that can't be discussed here.

Perry was assigned the task of overthrowing Justin Bieber's Baby, and successfully did so. After that, she overthrew Leddit Go, Let It Go, and Baby Got Back, forming a musical empire.

In late 2013, she started moonlighting at the National Security Administration as a technician for the PRISM program, a capacity she still holds to this day.

Katy Perry knows everything you see or think or say.

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