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" We're all a little f***ed up, and life's a little f***ed up, and when we find someone whose f***ed-up-ness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual f***ed-up-ness and call it love. "
  —Karkat Vantas thinking a bit too much.
Karkat Vantas
Don't judge him.
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Troll
Home: Panama
Likes: Making Norway a much safer place and later making it property of Thor.
Dislikes: Communism.
Occupation: The "North" of the Twelve Homestuck Trolls
Known For: Representing Cancer (The Zodiac Sign)
UnRank: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000^Potato

Karkat Vantas is among the Twelve Homestuck Trolls, and a lot like them, he fights for justice.

Like the other eleven Homestuck trolls, she represents a Zodiac sign, Cancer, and the thing is that there is one element per three signs, and it is Water for Cancer (Along with Scorpio and Pisces).

Since that, he bears the element of Water (Along with Vriska Serket (Scorpio) and Feferi Peixes (Pisces)).

His signature color is gray, though has vermilion blood, similar to normal humans that have vermilion blood.

Also based on his associated sign, she represents the North. Based on that, he decided to make Norway into a democracy like all the other guys decided to do.

However, he gave up his leadership on Norway and passed onto Thor after he asked nicely. After Thor became the leader of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland, Karkat moved to Panama, which is where Terezi Pyrope lives.

He uses a pair of sickles to represent the pincers of a crab.

He is also fond of AkaRed and formed the Sentai-Homestuck League together.

Recently he mastered Chinese Qi and gained the power of the Black Turtle of the North, which may or may not be a giant Koopa from Native UnAmerican myth.

However, his life ended when he and the other trolls were killed by The Piraka. Thankfully, they were all resurrected by Pepsiman. do we retcon this