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Not to be confused with Karens.

The computer of smartness!

Karen Plankton or simply Karen, is Plankton's Computer wife that Dipsy built for him. She loves Plankton and are a couple. She is currently one of the most powerful and smartest computers in the UnUniverse.


One day, Plankton was getting lonely because he only had King Normal,who was his only fried. so he decided to build a new robot friend. So he tried to build one, but failed. So instead, He decided he needed a scientist to do it. Then, He waited for costumers to come into the cum bucket Chum Bucket because he was hoping somebody who is a scientist and doesn't fail would come. The first costumer was Dipsy,who wanted to try chum. He then demanded Dipsy to build him a friend. He didn't fail. Much to plankton's disappointment. After OVER 9000 hours, Dipsy had finished plankton's friend. He built a computer. Then Dipsy left and went back to Teletubby Land. Plankton thought it was perfect, he started playing with it and named it Karen. He was spending 4 and a half hours on it and never slept.

One day, Mr. Krabs hacked the computer. Plankton punched Krabs in the face. This hacking was enough to allow the computer's speaking ability, granting it life, Automatic movement, a green line in the middle, and a girly voice. Plankton was surprised when this happened. But he got used to it. For some stupid reason, Karen thought that he was handsome and pretty and decided to marry him. Ever since then, everybody called Plankton a weirdo because that's what he is. She hates the guy who created her because she is a Wonky Donkey minion.

Plankton created a Karen 2.0 in 2012, inspired by Alt 2.0 and how evil she is. Karen and the original Alt teamed up to kill Karen 2.0, who was never mentioned again. Alt is still close with Karen nowadays.


Karen is a blue metal computer with nothing but a green line in a black screen, but sometimes there's other stuff, which allows her to talk. She has no eyes, yet she can see because she has vision sensors.

Married to Plankton

Although married to Plankton, Karen leaves Plankton, but always comes back. She tries to steal the Krabby Patty recipe herself just for him. She also has a rivalry with him at times when he doesn't listen to her. she then gets a guy to sit on him and squash him.