This is a dangerous dragon.

Kanna Kamui is the queen of Uganda. Sometimes she is also called the "second dragon".

She is a European dragon who was exiled from Dragonland for annoying the other dragons and ended up in Japan. Once (it was 2003, by the way) she flew to Uganda and ate Idi Amin for a snack. She then assumed political control and ended up being much loved by the Ugandans. The Ugandan Knuckles will follow her anywhere.

Besides being Tohru's assistant (Who is a hero), she's an annoying jerk! She still hates Thanos and allies with NaN though (Neutral over Silhouette). She however, accused Kobayashi despite being friends with Tohru.

Despite this, she later redeemed herself despite still being dangerous, and few of the only people who exceed her in power besides Thanos, NaN, and Silhouette are Shaggy Rogers and AkaRed.

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