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  — , Justin Bieber performing in front of the crowd while throwing up!
  — Justin Bieber's response to people calling him dumb and a beaver.
Justin "idiot" Bieber
Just..don't say anything...
Gender: Female (formerly)
Male (formerly)

You know what? Maybe it doesn't have a biological gender.

Hair color: Stupid
Eye color: Ugly
Species: Idiot
Alive or Dead?: Dead
Death: Killed by all 9 billion of his haters, even though there are only 7 billion on teh Earth; Shot by James Hetfield; Infinitely spawn-killed by Martin
Likes: Being popular
Dislikes: Being hated
Education: *Laughter*
Occupation: Pathetic Canadian Singer and Trash Music Writer
Known For: Being Stupid and Singing Trash Music which is probably copyrighted anyways
UnRank: -∞x OVAH 9000

Justin Drewdiot Beaver (Known as Justin Bieber in some areas. SOME.) is a stupid tomgirl Canadian singer, failure, Single braincell shameful beaver and pure idiot. Speaking of which, most believe he isn't even Canadian. Many people hate them... actually, let's just call this person "it" because it doesn't even look human. except for some super stupid teenage girls, and it's more moronic than The Scratch Cat and George W. Bush combined.


Bieber realizing it was transgendered.

What Justin Bieber Looks Like Now!

Rise god.

Born in the small town of Lozertinville in the state of New Lozerton, Justin lived a boring life until it's stupid mother started posting videos of it on YouTube of it yelling singing like a complete moron and apparently, some n00b liked it. He sent him a contract to keep singing. he did and is now rich. At age 12, it went to the bathroom to supposedly pee for the first time, and that was when it found out it didn't have any reproductive organs at all. Not even an anus. (This might explain why it's always FULL OF CRAP!!! Get it? :D) This caused it to fall into a depression. He was then put in an unknown mental hospital. It was confirmed that Bieber was in fact, not a human being. A year later, an anonymous redditor posted a photo of a girl-like creature doing some weird stuff. When Bieber was released from the mental hospital, it saw the photo and publicly announced that it was him in the picture. Which no one cares so what he did to be popular was to post a video of it singing in a high-pitched voice. His now its voice was so deafening that people gave all of their money just to make it stop uploading videos of it screaming. Because all of the money people gave to it, its wrote its own songs (You didn't think this humanoid creature could get any worse, did ya?)and paid music record labels so that his song could be heard from the media. A noob discovered his deafening voice and gave him a contract. The worst thing that he released his first song when a legendary youtuber was born, who grew up to hate it

After That Hood in the Child Life

The n00b sent it a contract to keep singing. it did and is now rich. This made it think that it is the coolest most important person in the world.

Stage 1: Trying to act Kool

Many fans of this moron like to break down its life into many different stages where it did "important" stuff. it thinks he is so kool that at airports, when they make him go through security check, it refuses, thinking it is too cool to be caught going through it but some girl named Mina told him "Dawg, you ain't cool enough so just pass through it, you moron." This injured Bieber in the heart really badly and it went into a mental breakdown but hit went back up and restored its mentalness (sort of). After that, it wanted to prove it was cool and started going out with Selena Gomez, thinking it will get it popularity points. Selena, who refused right off the bat upon Bieber asing her out, was offered 50 million dollars. Somehow, she accepted the offer, but it was not worth the pain she was forced to endure as she lost many fans once she and Bieber started going out. They broke up and Beaver was at an all time low in its life. Luckily, the next stage of his life was beginning....

Stage 2: Decline

After the break-up, Bieber went down even further in popularity and fans got either angry at him for being a loser now or

What happens to you when you see or hear Justin Beaver.

they were even more intense fans because they might have a chance to go out with it.. Of course the haters still wanted to kill him/her. First one happened at NYC in a bookstore. Bieber was stuck inside because his fans and haters were all outside, knowing he was in there, hiding. Eventually, a fan got sick of waiting and threw a bookshelf at the window of the bookstore, letting everyone inside. Bieber was almost killed in a stampede but escaped. There were other occasions also but they are full of gore. Eventually, he died at a concert when James Hetfield came in and shot him, before screaming “YEYAH!!!” at him. Lemme answer your own question, Justin: It's too late now to say sorry.

However, it respawned and learned Idiot Manipulation. He used this power to make people actually like his newest song, which is still trash. He was then murdered and spawn killed by Martin and when Martin had to leave, he made a machine that spawned Martin clones to keep spawn killing Justin Bieber.


  • Distantly related to Rebecca Black (like 50 miles or something).
  • It is fat.
  • It loves The Squadala Soccer Team.
  • It hates life and beavers.
  • It is the rival of Miley Cyrus.
  • It is stupid and an idiot. Perhaps if you're cool enough, you could just call it a stupid idiot.
  • Unfortunately, it is more successful and wealthy than all of us losers combined. I know, that's just dandy.
  • Its voice is known to kill anyone who hears it. Siren is apparently jealous of Justin Bieber.
  • If you listen to it, you are probably dead right now.
  • He also has his own theme song, which you will die after listening to it.
  • He is in love with SpennyBoi
  • He took the name of Despacito from the Despacito Spiders, odd creatures that live in Roblox. The Despacito Spiders got so pissed that they shoved him down a toilet lined with saw blades and flushed it. Unfortunately, he respawned again.
  • He has Lyme disease. When Amanda Nyanko still had a Twitter. She wished that he would die of Lyme Disease. up meone retweeted it saying that Amanda was fucked up
  • It was theorised to be a lizardman, whilst not confirmed dur to its banshee song that causes instant death, it's likely true.
  • She/he likes To Hug Junko Enoshima
  • He has never taken a bath or shower in all of his life.
  • This guy REALLY stinks! Thank god he got beat up in American Dad & Family Guy.
  • Justin Bieber was a Girl not Guy


Bullshit motherfucker!! I burnt 99 septillion of this asshole’s music records, this guy REALLY stinks!