Jurassic World is a movie that is the 4th jurassic park movie. It is weird


2 kids named Zach and Gray go on a trip to a dinosaur island theme park called Jurassic Wurld (typo on the sign). This babysitter person watches them even though the whole reason they went there was to visit their aunt who works there. Sigh, no such luck. Then their aunt Claireshows the parks owner, Marqueesty LaffyPerson Mr. Lou's new evil reptile, Indominous Rex. Then a dude says that I Rex is not in the cage. LaffyPerson tells them they want Chris Pratt and 2 other guys to look at the cage. The scene cuts to a pig with a string on it running around. A stupid guy is holding the other end, then, an Italian Dino (AKApRaptorulls him into the cage. Some guy named Vic Hoskins tells Chris Pratt that he wants the dinosaurs to drive cars for his commercial, but Pratt refuses. Then Pratt notices the raptor eating the guy, so he jumps in and tells the raptor to spit it out. he does. Pratt named the 4 raptors, Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie. Then he gets a call to inspect the cage. When him and the guys go into the cage, I Rex is still in there and eats the 2 guys and Pratt escapes. LaffyPerson cents the Navy Seals in to capture I Rex but it kills them all. Zach and Gray run away from Zara the Babysitter and go to the hamster balls. Then I Rex attacks them while their in the giant hamster balls. They escape. LaffyPerson goes into the helicopter and shoots at I Rex but misses and opens the birdie cage and a Turtle Dove attacks his Helicopter and it crashes into the birdie cage and explodes, killing LaffyPerson. Then the turtle doves and lizard heads fly over to main street and eat people. One turtle dove grabs Zara and plays catch with her until he drops her and the lioplerodon eats her. Then Vic Hoskins decides he's in charge and uses the raptors to hunt I Rex, making Pratt angry. Then the raptors get bored and kill everyone in the place but Claire, Zach and Gray, Pratt and Hoskins. Sadly, Charlie gets blown up. Rest in peace, Charlie. Then the survivors go into a room and find Hoskins and find out he and Mr. Lou (who already escaped) built I Rex for his car commercial. Hoskins, plan is foiled by Echo, who comes in with Mr. Lou's arm in her mouth and then corners Hoskins. Hoskins tries to calm down Echo by telling her stories about wombats and rodents but Echo gets annoyed and swallows Hoskins. They go outside and find I Rex waiting for them. The raptors stand up for them. I Rex puts an end to the lives of Echo and Delta, but Blue escapes. Then TEE REXS comes and beats up I Rex. I Rex slides into the water and gets eaten by Lioplerodon. Then everyone escapes and they leave Blue behind. They escape by helicopter and Blue cries about it.

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