Jumbah E. Boohbah

Jumbah's name actually means hajfifmatg in Latin.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Blue (Fur)
Black (Hair)
Eye color: Stupid
Age: 3
Species: Boohbah
Home: Tubby Tower
Stupid City
Death: His brain shut down. He still lived though.
AKA: Jeffery
Likes: Meeting Companyballs
Jumping of off cliffs.
Dislikes: Peep And The Big Wide World ,
Education: (Insert Laughter Here)
Occupation: Stupid Mercenary minion
Known For: Being stupid
UnRank: 3.14159...

Cquote1 Why is this fire on me? Cquote2
Jumbah, on his average adventures.

Jumbah is the blue Boohbah. He is the servant of Dipsy. When Dipsy made them all, after Humbah came out yellow, he wanted Jumbah to be smarter, tougher, stronger, and eviler than Humbah, as well as green so the leader would be his, but somehow Jumbah ended up none of these things, and was a pathetic, blue, weak idiot. He still became Dipsy's though, even though he made them and Jumbah is so dumb. That's right, Jumbah is the dumb one.

He was created with the other Boohbah, and gladly worked for Dipsy, because he is stupid. It sometimes walks into walls for no reason, and sometimes argues with a rat over who's smarter (the rat wins). He likes to jump off of cliffs because it feels funny, but it feels "hurty" when he lands. Then he goes back up, and jumps again. He likes to eat Pie, but only if it is NOT Real Pie.

He is known for surviving multiple explosions, gunshots, far drops, and being lit on fire. All of these were caused by Jumbah.

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