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Cquote1 A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. Cquote2
Joseph Stalin before he kills his victims
Joseph Stalin

Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown, later Gray
Eye color: Brown
Species: Communist Incarnate
Home: Gori, Georgia, USSR
Death: Cerebral Hemorrhage
AKA: Josef Stalin, (Simply) Stalin, Dr. Robotnik's father, Jerkhead, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (Full name)
Likes: Communism
Dislikes: Capitalism, Fascism
Occupation: Epic Communist
Known For: Communism
UnRank: Giggol

Joseph Stalin (also seen spelled "Josef Stalin") was the emperor of all (Soviet) Russia and ancestor of Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Whom was sorta named after him). Raised in Georgia (the state or the country? Definitely the country.) and died in Russia, both in the Soviet Union.

Stalin is neutral. He doesn't care who wins: Megatron or Optimus Prime, Bowser or Mario, Thanos or Billy Mays, Peppino or Noise. (though he did play Thannos in the Asgardian Empire's reproduction of the events of the Unfinity War).

Joseph Stalin was the first Emperor of all Russia until he quitted and made his own empire in Soviet Ukraine and his descendant Dr. Robotnik took over half of Russia, while the other half was taken over by Vladimir Putin and became Non-Soviet Russia.

He succeeded Vladimir Lenin.

National Anthem of USSR

National Anthem of USSR

His official theme, which is also the anthem for his country.

Stalin came out as gay in 1939 shortly after signing the Nazi Soviet Pact with Hitler. He only signed the pact because of his crush on Hitler. Hitler rejected Stalin, breaking his heart. Hitler actually had feelings for Kurt Schuschnigg. One term of the pact was that these relations would not be shared with the public. This information was shared with the world in 1982. Erotic fiction written by Stalin about Hitler was uncovered the following year.

He was succeeded by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the current leader of Soviet Russia.

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