Joker Persona 5

Joker as seen today.

Joker is a semi-normal teenager which so happens to be a resurrected form of the loser who """knows""" we live in a society. Other than that he does really like garlic shrimp. But not as much as Wario because of course it's Wario who loves it more. He's the brother of the Super Smash Bros. Narrator and the resurrected form of The Joker.

Teenage Life

Joker as a teenager one time tried to change the hearts of many Japanese people to like garlic shrimp just like he had. However he was never successful in his plan and it EPICLY FAILED.
Joker gun

OH SNAP! It's Joker with a gun!

He danced or something after this but nobody cared about that. Seeking employment eventually some mashed potato samurai's 3 year old baby showed up at his door one day and repeated his exact words of "YOU IN SMASH NOW AND YOU GET 1 ZILLION UNDORRAL POYO." When the next DLC guy came around [Minecraft Steve] Joker was forgotten about then died of Not Epic Disease of Malaysia (NEDM) at age something.

One year after dying, the epic gamer who came before him, The Joker awakened as his new persona and the memories transferred over however he couldn't become friends with 4chan Sniper again for being too young. Joker decided the best way to prove he is his old pal was to sniper duel him at 2fort and win. He died 300 times in a row and never saw him again.

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