Johnny Zest

Full name: Johnny Zest
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Greenish Blue
Age: Unknown (presumably early to mid 20's)
Species: Human
Height: 182 cm (6 foot)
Weight: Unknown
Home: Oasis Springs
Alive or Dead?: Alive
AKA: John Zest, NNY Zest
Likes: Becoming a professional Comedian & Musician
Education: Unknown
Occupation: Open Mic Night preformer
Religion: Atheist
Known For: For his mysterious past
Powers: Unknown

Johnny Zest (also sometimes called John Zest and NNY Zest) is a mysterious individual who no one really knows about origin-wise.

He is rumored to have come from the Real World or possibly the Normalverse which would have made him the first person to have ever crossed the Fourth Wall, but this is just speculation.

Where did he come from?

Nobody knows! Yet, Nobody refuses to tell anybody, even Anybody.

How Nobody knows this is unknown but it can only be assumed they’re friends with Johnny.

Due to this lack of information people have made up theories. These include

  • Johnny is a secret teletubby
  • Johnny is Dio from the past
  • He was created when somebody rolled a dice
  • He's just a regular dude who just like privacy

but the most prolific theory is that he is from the Real World or the Normalverse because of how normal he is, making him to only person to have crossed the Fourth Wall and lived.

But that can’t be possible, right?

What is known about him

Johnny lives in Oasis Springs, being neighbors to Bulk's group of friends to the left of his house and Enyaba to the right of his house.

Johnny desires to be a popular comedian and musician, but hasn’t had much luck. He currently performs at open mic nights at the local stand up bar andat other venues.

He's currently signed under a small record label to release some of his songs on CD and does comedy podcasts on a pirate radiostation ran by his friend.

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