Cquote1 Yes, papa. Cquote2
Johnny Johnny responds to his father, who was calling him out on his ash-eating habits
Johnny Johnny

Johnny Johnny eating "sugar" that is really the ash of people he burned alive

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Brown (red when attacking)
Species: Demonic Crappanoid/Tomato Hybrid
Likes: To kill everyone
Dislikes: Being questioned about his diet
Occupation: Child devourer
UnRank: 3

Johnny Johnny is a demonic being that worships Elmo. He also likes to eat children. 


Johnny Johnny was created in a cloning experiment by Elmo, but Giygas helped in his creation. He now lives in Teletubby Land, but goes to Earth to lure children into the woods and eat them alive or burn them up. In 495 AA he built a demonic temple used to tie up and crush small children. He assists the Teletubbies and the Boohbahs in their kidnapping of children. This Johnny Johnny devoured Eho II's soul, but it said no and walked back into Eho II. Enraged, he devoured the 4 main Teletubbies instead. They managed to fight their way out of his stomach, making it burst, killing him.


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