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Slim figure, no?


Nny's rival.

Jonathan "Nny" C is a mass murder, serial killer, and spree killer, and a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, the Sheebookie. He is also anorexic.


Johnny is one of the smartest characters in the Mario series, constantly pointing out the flaws in humanity. In turn, he doesn't kill innocent people, just jerks. However, he is still not a very nice person. His only friend is Todd Casil, his young next door neighbor. Todd at first was scared of him, but in a recent interview he said that Johnny was "OK."


Predictably, Nny's house is mainly used for torture. He has a torture cellar which somehow expands itself. It is unkown how. He has many victims in his torture cellar, but the most known ones are Luigi, Boris The Cat, and Iggy Pop. He also uses his torture cellar to break into Todd's house and steal the bactine.


Johnny became a member of the SheeBookie when he was 17. When he was 13 he became the captain of a pirate crew, and he was recruited because of his evil deeds. Also, it is a little known fact that he is indeed the real father of Tomoki Sawamura.


Johnny's father always wanted his son to become a marine and do the world good deeds. However, Johnny wanted to become a pirate, and he did.

He then became obsessed with killing, and learned he was a waste lock. He then joined the SheeBookie. He tried to kill himself at one point, but failed. He's currently wreaking havoc.

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