John McCain while giving his famous speech about pirates.

John " Joke " McCain is a politician, and more notably he is the final boss in Super Obama World. He may look serious and boring, but he actually likes jokes. He was the only person in the entire UnWorld who hated Super Obama World, but Nobody cares because Obama can beat him up by playing the shame. John McCain's age is estimated to be anywhere between 93 and 158 years of age.

Fight in Super Obama World

You does fight him in level 6-4 AKA " Fight With the McCain. " He is in the cockpit of the McCain-O-Bot 9000. The McCain-O-Bot 9000 is very serious to beat, due to it is a political game. What you need to to is to throw the coming McCainBots, and throw it at the cockpit. Every time you hit it, he says " OUCH! " before he does a " POLITICAL THINKING! " He throws a Cainball in 2 minutes. After defeating this guy, the game is completed.


Jokes McCain Likes

  • What is stupid, round and dumb? Obama in a round whashermachine.
  • What does poo every minute? Obama.
  • Once upon a Obama, but now it was a McCain.

Jokes McCain Hates

  • Who loves nothing? McCain.
  • What does pee every minute? McCain.
  • Once upon a McCain, but now it`s a Obama .


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