A doe, not to be confused with the mysterious John Doe.

John Doe is a rather elusive figure who was found dead on the ninth of January back in 1997, although he has managed to do things since then. He also starred as a FEMALE doe in the movie, UnOpen Season, but only as an off-screen voice. He later came to ROBLOX and rose to power and created the Nazi party on the ROBLOX Hacker War II.


Found in the middle of Canada, nobody recognized him. However, John Doe was a man that the government was looking for so long before, so this was quite a big thing. The man was identified once they found the wallet in his back pocket, containing only an ID card, twenty seven dollars, and expired coupons. The reason why the government was after this man? They didn't say why. They said that it was a great mistake, as the name was accidentally placed on random documents that were not connected to John Doe. So, who is this guy?

His apparent lifestyle

In spite of living in the middle of nowhere (the ice edition (with maple syrup)), he managed to lead a very productive life. He was all over the place. His activities included skiing, mountain climbing, and long walks on the beach (he loves movies too, of course). He also dies a lot without any note of resurrection from the dead, only being found once more he is dead again.

His house happens to be in northern Saskatchewan, a state of Canada that non-Canadians don't know anything about because it is not Ontario or Quebec. It is confirmed by several key items used for identifying John Doe, like his ID card (for some reason his face is not shown on the card) and his wide taste in clothing. In spite of his numerous deaths occurring everywhere in Canada and the United States, there seems to be some sort of strange activities that occur in it when nobody is aware of it at the moment, as if it were an occupied house. All attempts to record any activity in action there has so far failed. There is a similar house further north in the country which is rumored to also be his house thanks to its same properties.


On march 21, 2017, after he found out he lost the hacker war, he comitted suicide by telling his wife Jane Doe to strangle him. Jane Doe was sent to a Concentration Camp after she killed her husband.

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