John Cena
John Cena pro

Don't you dare try fighting this guy! Or not.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brownish
Species: Human (probably)
Death: He's still alive.
AKA: Guy who scares n00bs
Likes: To beat Chuck Norris.
Dislikes: Getting beaten up by Chuck Norris. This happens a lot.
Education: Educated in the art of wrestling.
Occupation: Wrestling
Known For: For thinking he's so strong
UnRank: 9001 999

John Cena is a being created by Nobody (He created himself). John Cena thinks his power level is OVER 9000, but it isn't anywhere close to there. (Arrogance, much?) Many N00bs think John Cena is the strongest person alive but that is not true, as there are quite a lot of people who are stronger than John Cena. If you ever find John Cena, never ask to fight him. If you do ask to fight him, then he says he will punch you all the way to the Moon, just to scare you. But, all he does is just punch you in the face. Dipsy learned this the hard way.

His sole goal is to beat up Chuck Norris, who he (as well as the N00bs) is convinced is the only person stronger than him. But, even the Teletubbies are stronger than John Cena. As you can see, he's a bad guy disguised as a good guy. His disguise is why people view him as epic.

As of 2017, he hosted Kid's Choice Awards to devour their souls on 3-11-2017. John Cena also did a concert with Squidward Tentacles, where King Pig got shot down by Abraham Lincoln.


John Cena is a random person who wears a green baseball cap. He also has brown hair and wears wristbands most of the time.


  • We know his true power level: it's only 999. He just thinks he's so strong. Also the only reason it's that high is because he is pretty good at wrestling n00bs.
  • A long time ago John Cena actually used to be good at wrestling but than Chuck Norris punched him so bad that he flew to the moon. He then started believing that he could punch everyone else to the moon as well. So he started scaring n00bs by saying "I will punch you to the moon".
  • There is a character from Pop'n Music based on him named MZD for no reason whatsoever.
    JOHN CENA vs CHUCK NORRIS! (MLG WWE vs Classic Meme) Cartoon Fight Club Episode 155

    JOHN CENA vs CHUCK NORRIS! (MLG WWE vs Classic Meme) Cartoon Fight Club Episode 155

    John Cena's battle with Chuck Norris. Note that John was highly buffed and Chuck was using 0.00001% of his full power.

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