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Joey is a dog (a husky to be spesific) that belongs to an evil teen named Murfee that abuses him


Early Life

Joey was born in a awful pet store called Pets, Ahoy! Then he was adopted by Murfee and was forced to live in the basment with Murfee's poor ferret, Arnold and a the Unusal Creatures army (witch had not been founded yet).

Founding the U.C.A.

One night Murfee woke up a demon named Blue that attacked Murfee. Joey stopped Blue from killing Murfee and preformed an exorcisom to get rid of him but he got turned into Monsta instead. Murfee blamed Joey for the whole thing and locked him in the basement and never fed him. Joey made a speech to the other poor animals saying that they must take a stand agaist Murfee and everyone agreed. Then Blue showed up and said that he would join and he formed the Unusal Creatures Army and broke out of the basment and attacked Murfee and his gang and the U.C.A killed all of them but Murfee. Joey looked for Murfee and saw him crawl into a vent. Arnold crawled after him and attacked him until the vent crashed down but Arnold escaped. Then Murfee grabbed Arnold and Ran off to a motel with him. A week later Joey got a ransom note saying to surrender or he would kill Arnold but Joey broke into the motel and rescued Arnold but Murfee tried to kill them with a katana but Joey stole it and killed Murfee with it