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Biden telling someone to shut up.

Cquote1.png If you don't vote for me than you ain't black. Cquote2.png
Joe Biden 1788

Joe Biden is a politician and is the President of UnAmerica. Biden was Previously at war with Trump over the presidency of the United States and is secretly from an Alternate Universe. Biden was also the vice president during Obama's presidency. Biden is said to have a crush on Obama despite pissing him off a lot and being already being married. Biden has the ability to turn a black guy into a white guy because he wouldn't vote for him. He also likes to sniff kids. Before he came to the UnUniverse he was the Emperor of the Empire of Coca Cola. His current goal is to now use the power of USUA in order to launch a full-scale invasion of his homeworld in order to retake his throne.


Biden escaping his universe.

Biden was originally from an alternate universe and was elected as Emperor of the Empire of Coca Cola. However, he was ousted when a coup in 1744 and was forced to flee his home universe and left to our universe. He soon gains power there and was elected as Vice President of the United States. He soon decided to declare war on Donald Trump because he wanted to build a YUUUUGGE wall. Biden eventually won the war after the battle of Walltown, becoming the new leader of UnAmerica. Biden's has now plan to use the military power of the UnWorld to invaded the Coca-Cola empire and retake his throne.


  • He has the ability to blow up.
  • He is a member of the Satanist Empire.
  • He likes to drive into people.
  • He has a pet fly which he uses to try and kill Mike Pence. However, the assassination attempt failed.
  • His Favourite scent is kids.
  • His royal name is Bidenous III.
  • He prefers Coca-Cola over Pepsi.
  • His Alternate self from the UnUniverse is Nebid Eoj.
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