Jingbah, the swiss cheese boohbah

Gender: Female
Hair color: Pink (Fur)
Eye color: Dead
Species: Boohbah
Home: Teletubby Land
Death: Thumper tried to eat them, came back.
AKA: Swiss Cheese
Likes: Not have holes
Dislikes: Being eaten
Education: Taught to serve
Occupation: Servant to Thumper
Known For: Having eighty holes in
UnRank: 500

Jingbah is one of the feared Boohbah, the minions of the Teletubbies. She is the dead one.

When the Boohbah were created by the Teletubbies, Thumper tried to eat Jingbah, thinking she was a large cherry. The Teletubbies were mad that one of their slaves was dying, but then Jingbah respawned. Something was flawed about Jingbah's respawning ability, so Jingbah still had holes in her and should have been dead, but for some reason she was alive, and thus is considered undead. They made her Thumper's slave. She is useless, as she is not entirely solid. Jingbah is now the least popular Boohbah, because having holes in her means she's not very good at being destructive. She follows Thumper everywhere, which Thumper often tries to avoid, but Thumper can often get her to do what she says, even though she's undead.

There are exactly eighty eight holes in Jingbah, but many are invisible. Jingbah used to be cherry flavored, but now that she's undead, she tastes like the school meat loaf. The middle school meat loaf. Isn't that what all undead things taste like? Correction. Fresh-killed, uncooked, furry, pink undead things. Jingbah flunked kindergarten.

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