Cquote1 The pizza is aggressive. Cquote2
Jimmy Neutron
James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron

"Just another day in the life of Jimmy Neutron"

Gender: Male
Hair color: Chocolate, sh*t
Eye color: Blue
Species: Homo Sapien with abnormally large cranium.
Home: Happy Family Happy Hour House
Death: Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour 2
AKA: Jimmy Nutrin/Jimbles Notronbo
Likes: Having pizza for dinner
Dislikes: Cindy Vortex
Education: Everything
Occupation: Building mechanical things, advancing Science to a higher level of understanding.
Known For: Building mechanical things, eating aggressive pizza
UnRank: -Pizza, +Science

Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour

Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour

Jimmy Neutron is the world's most smartest loser. He has interest in inventing mechanical things that turn people into bananas, cheese, and other various objects. He causes trouble alot and is the biggest nerd in his school.Pizzabetotch


Early Life

He was born in 2002 and graduated Harvard's University when he was 3 months old and graduated in M.I.T. and Oxford's University at age 1. At 2006, he was proclaimed as the world's youngest nerd by world-renowned scientist Albert Einstein.

As A Kid

As a kid, he went to school too much. (Even if he is already graduated to several universities) He soon learned how to do weird stuff such as shoot people. He later became a cool kid so he went into the stars. Bought candy bars. Had a knack for adventure. He had a jetpack at all times and killed some kids when going to school, occasionally Cindy. But Cindy keeps on coming back to life. He spent 12 years at school. (Despite his knowledge).

He later became friends with sexually obsessed Ultralord Sheen Estevez and a weaboo named Carl Wheezer after saving them from an aggressive pizza. The pizza vowed his revenge on Jimmy and his friends.

Aggressive Pizza

Jimmy was being comforted by Judy, his mother as she said "Hello Jimmy. Hello Hugh. I'm going to make a delicious dinner meal.". His father Hugh Neutron shot her in the face. Jimmy became depressed and tried to commit suicide by watching videos that doesn't make any sense. Jimmy's dad asked him if he likes pizza. Jimmy depressingly agreed and ordered a large "aggressive" pizza. The pizza guy came and the pizza flew around like a Frisbee. Jimmy yelled "The Pizza is aggressive" and warned his father who died before Jimmy could tell him. Jimmy's eyes came out of their sockets and said "Just another day in the life of Jimmy Neutron." and did nothing.

Jimmy later committed suicide after his parents died. Everybody was at his funeral to see him buried. Sheen started to sob at Jimmy. Jimmy was buried in a grave at the dead joke cemetery. Jimmy was never forgotten. Although, Cindy forgot about it on purpose.

This is a warning from Jimmy Neutron.

Do not have Pizza For Dinner. Do not have Pizza For Dinner. Your mom and dad will die. Do not have Pizza For Dinner. Blood will be everywhere. You will kill yourself. The pizza will be aggressive. I said do not have Pizza For Dinner. *Starts to melt*

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