Jimmy wales failure

The big Jim is not amused by your failure...

Jimmy Donal "Jumbo Whale" Wales is the grand emperor of the free online encyclopedia known as Wikipedia as well as Wikia. Aside from that, he is usually known as that one guy who appears in the banners of the site asking for donations to keep us his own behemoth of a website. We should all acknowledge how he is the man who started a revolution of information sharing on the internet, and how he his very creations have their ups... and downs.


B.W. (before Wikipedia)

According to Wikipedia itself, Jimmy grew up in the state of Alabama, born on August 7, 1966. He went to some schools, got very interested in learning and encyclopedias (foreshadowing), and blah blah blah. He went to universities, got diplomas, acquired currency, and had an interest in the internet. A few years before Wikipedia's creation he made an encyclopedia with some other guy named Nupedia. He wanted it to be comparable to real encyclopedias. It was a tedious and sluggish place to be, though, so he wanted to make a place for more interaction. This would become the Wikipedia we all know today.

A.N. (after Nupedia)

Ol' Jimmy saw potential in the project. He knew what he was doing, and he was right. Wikipedia is a valuable resource for teenagers not willing to do enough research everywhere, although it is frowned upon by teachers. Jimbo does much for his Wiki and all of its spread, but many of the populace just recognize him as that guy in the banner asking for money.

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