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Jim Davis is a nihilist philosopher who draws syndicated cartoons. He is most well-known for Garfield.


Gnorm Gnat

Gnorm Gnat

Gnorm Gnat

After Jim graduated from college, he quickly got a job for a newspaper cartoon syndication corporation and began drawing a comic strip about the first thing that came into his mind: the gnats buzzing around his head.

Thus Gnorm Gnat was born.


Despite its scathing wit, Davis's employer didn't make any money off of Gnorm Gnat, so they made him draw a cat instead. This turned out to be a win-win situation, as Davis could spread his work to a wider audience and the newspaper cartoon syndication corporation could make money.

The comic strip Garfield features Garfield, an orange cat named after the late 20th president of UnAmerica; Jon Arbuckle, Garfield's cartoonist and owner; and Odie, Garfield's brother Garfield's dog a dog owned by Garfield's cartoonist. It may be of some interest to note that Jon and Jim share the same occupation, blurring the distinction between the two personalities. Making occasional appearances is Dr. Lizard Wilson, Jon's girlfriend of one decade. While a psychoanalytic criticism of the comic strip reveals that Jon is bad with women, the full implications of this development are unclear given the longevity of his relationship.

In Garfield, Garfield faces the banality of life and the relentless optimism of Jon and Odie. Lizard comes closest to understanding Garfield's ennui, but true intimacy between the two is impossible because of something to do with forbidden love or something.

In the 1990's and 2000's, the appearance of Garfield gradually become more cuter in order to more quickly expose the next generation to Davis's nihilist propaganda. Jon, on the other hand, became less badly drawn.


In 2013, the webcomic Garfielf was released as a Garfield spinoff. In it, Garfield's name was changed to Garfielf, and he eats lasaga, rather than lasagna.

Will Jon ever let Garfielf punt Odie?

A Tribute to Jim Davis

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