Partying jesus

Jesus partying with party-people.

Jesus Christ is the son of God and one of the most powerful beings in existence. He wanted a position on the Upper Counsel of Undefeatables, but his daddy said no so he had to go on the Lower Counsel.

Jesus was first born because God was doing some naughty things that He shouldn't have been doing. Nine months later, a woman gave birth to Jesus Christ. Jesus declared himself son of God, even though the stuff God was doing had absolutely nothing to do with Jesus' birth. The naughty things were mostly littering. God took pity on this boy and adopted him. He also possessed him, which was rather creepy.

Jesus grew up as the great son of God, but he was also God himself. It doesn't really make much sense. Anyway, Jesus saved lotsa people so he got impaled on a cross for some reason. We didn't do any research. Then he came back to life because he was God. Now people have crosses in their homes and churches so they can forever show that they wished Jesus was dead.

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