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Jesus Christ
New jesus.png
Full name: jesus christ

but sometimes dr. jebidah "jeb/jebus" christoff

Gender: male
Hair color: black
Eye color: red
Age: 2000ish years old
UnBirthday: zero aydee (irl)
Species: god
Home: Heaven
Alive or Dead?: it's complicated
Death: crucification, lightning
AKA: jesus
Likes: God
Dislikes: Satan
Religion: Christianity
Known For: for being the guy that got crucified 2000 years ago
Powers: being jesus
How They Like Their Steak: blessed with oly warter
Alignment: Lawful Good
UnRank: 999999999999999
Promotion: #1 person of all time

Jesus Christ is the son of God and one of the most powerful beings in existence. He wanted a position on the Upper Counsel of Undefeatables, but his dad and him as well said no so he had to go on the Lower Counsel.

Jesus was first born because God was doing a salvation plan for humanity. Nine months later, a woman gave birth to Jesus Christ. Jesus declared himself son of God God took pity on this boy and adopted him. He also possessed him, which was rather creepy, but then again Jesus is technically God, so it's not creepy.

Jesus grew up as the great son of God, but he was also God himself. Anyway, Jesus saved lotsa people so he got impaled on a cross to take on the evil of the world. Then he came back to life because he was God. He established the church and will come back to judge and reward the world, which will mean Jesus will be very happy to some and very angry to much of the world.

Now people have crosses in their homes and churches as a remembrance.

Jesus Christ partying with party-people.