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Jeff the Killer is a little kid who is so ineffective he couldn't even turn 14. He likes the word game, not pain. You guys are all wrong. He also likes blowing stuff up.

Early life

How Jeff felt when he smoked Weed for the first time.

Jeff was born on a farm on September 11, 2001, in Nowhere, where Nobody is said to live. He went to a school and learned all about how to make cancer. His teacher taught him getting a drop of Donald Trump's Hair, and a Fidget Spinner is the way to make cancer. His teacher is named Professor Oak, and he is smarter than Albert Einstein. The principal, Mr. Clipboard said there was a lockdown, and a killer came into the room. The killer stabbed Professor Oak, Captain Obvious, Jeff the First Polar Bear (twin of Jeff), Monkeys, and Bill Nye (none died because the killer's UnRank was 2). Jeff learned from this, and became a killer.