Jeff the First Polar Bear

He should be a member of Care Bears.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Species: Grizzly Bear (former)

Polar Bear (current)

Home: Jungle??? (former)

North Pole (other former) Central America (current)

Death: Frozen to death (faked)
AKA: Jeff
Likes: More booze
Dislikes: Penguin
Education: Broke middle-aged bear with no job. (former)

Namco owner and creator of the YoonieSAL. (current)

Occupation: Killing penguins
Known For: For being the first polar bear
UnRank: 664
Promotion: He became a polar bear

Jeff the First Polar Bear or simply Jeff as his name implies, is the first polar bear in the world.


Drunk Science

Tom, Bing and Jeff.

Not much is known about Jeff's history. All we know is that Jeff was originally a grizzly bear until two drunk scientists named Tom & Bing timetravelled and messed the timeline. Jeff was not supposed to be the first polar bear. That's why everything that exists today is different. Like for example, Godzilla wasn't really meant to attack Japan, it really meant to attack Europe. But the two drunk scientists messed it all up and that's the reason why Japan is always being visited by monsters and kaijus and nonsense a lot.

Body (faked death)


This body of a bear preserved in ice is believed to be Jeff's. No, wait, that's just a stuffed teddy bear.

His body is preserved somewhere in North Pole. The pictures that show's a bear's body preserved in ice is believed to be Jeff's body.

Jeff today

He's the owner of the newly-revived Namco & the creator of the YoonieSAL shame console.

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