Cquote1 A soothing Jazz can do it. Cquote2
Jazz, living up to his name.
Jazz (Transformers)

He's telling Soundwave to come at him while listening to music.

Gender: Male
Eye color: Blue
Species: Transforming robot
Home: Cybertron
Likes: Listening to music (Specifically Jazz)
Dislikes: Soundwave
Occupation: Listening to Jazz and stuck in a conflict with Soundwave
UnRank: 625

Jazz is a happy-go-lucky Autobot who lives up to his name by listening to Jazz, which is the music genre he is named after.

He despises Soundwave as he produced negative music and infiltrated stuff.

He was also Optimus Prime's 2nd-in-command until Ultra Magnus (Prime's brother) and Hot Rod showed up, leaving him in 4th-in-command. Jazz didn't mind as he thought they were more worthy.

He transforms into a sports car; specifically a 1980's Porsche. Jazz has speakers hidden in his doors; he deploys them when infiltrating and paralyzing Decepticons.

He's also very good friends with Blaster, both of whom utterly despise Soundwave.

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