Jay walking
Jaywalking The Street is the 23rd episode in the Teletubbies (TV Series). In this episode, the Teletubbies try jaywalking in New York City.


The episode starts with the Teletubbies being bored, and deciding to show off to get attention. Their plan works, but they aren't satisfied, so they go to New York City to try and get people's attention there. The Teletubbies try to get people's attention, but the people aren't interested. The Teletubbies then proceed to kill said people. Eventually, the Teletubbies try jaywalking, and this does get people's attention, because although they don't know it, the Teletubbies are Jaywalking on the most dangerous road in all of New York. More and more people stop to watch, and the Teletubbies show off more and more as a result, until they all get run over by a cab. The disappointed people look at the hideous accident, then go to do something else.


Many parents, as always, hated this episode because it was violent. Children hate it because it is a short episode.


A spin off sequel called Teletubbies Go Back To New York was created, but never released.

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