Oh no, run!

The Jar of Pickles was an evil mastermind that was created by Bowser in North Hyrule. He was known for shooting people all the time. He also attempted to kill Weegee once, but failed. He also robbed 7 banks, but was never arrested because of how stupid the cops were. He was once simply known as "Pickles", but he was encased in a jar in attempt to stop him, thus getting the name "Jar of Pickles". This plan to put an end to his crimes didn't work out, and he continued to terrorize the UnWorld. A tiny, yellow Pikmin known as Yellow Pikmin #2467 was thought to be Pickles and was arrested. However, the cops realized their mistake and let him go. In 2012, while the Jar of Pickles was shooting people like normal, Baby Yoshi ate him, thus killing him. The people of UnWorld rejoiced over his death, and were free from him at last. However, his crimes have still left a lasting effect, such as destroying the Statue of Liberty. Don't worry though, it's getting fixed.

Yellow Pikmin

The "Pickles Impostor".

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