Jar Jar

Watsa bein up everybody?

Meesa think jarjar is on crack

Ya-hoo everybody! Mesa Missa Binks, yousa favorita character from Star Wars! What's dat? Yousa didn't likein missa? Yousa just made missa sad! Missa thinkin missa m goin go cry now. No, my a bombad idea! Instead, weesa ganna goin onda adventure together! Comein on everybody! It ganna be funny-funny!

Let missa taleo yousa about mesa. Mesa born as a humble gungan inda waters of Naboo twenty years ago. But mesa very very clumsy, yousa see. Missa try to help everybody, but missa accidental slaughter them. Now mesa banish from missa own village! Then missa met a jedi and he sav missa life. Dat was a doo-doo idea because then missa follow him around. He tri to kill missa, but missa kept follow him. Eventual he gotin himself kill by Darth Mall just so he wouldn't has to deal with missa.

After dat missa became a senator. At least, thesa told missa mesa a senator. Mesa actual da janitor, but thesa said senator to shut missa up. Then missa went into da senata and told them a happy taleo. Missa caus political doo-doo, and everyth gotin a whole lot bombad because of missa!

Then all da movies end and somehow missa surviv. Everybody wanna missa dead, but missa surviv anyways. Das whena Darth Vader found missa and he kill missa! At least, he be thinkin he kill missa. He just cut off missa arms, so missa surviv and became a cyborg gungan! Now mesa bein alive and more annoyin than ever!

Missa bein in a video shame too! Mesa fight lotsa lotsa war in Call o Ducky!

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