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James facing Diesel 10
James the Red Engine

I'm Red.

Gender: Male
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Black
Species: Train
Home: The Island of Sodor
AKA: Engine 5 (According to The Fat Controller)
Likes: Being red and such.
Dislikes: Being pink. Pulling trucks. Diesel 10 and his fellow allies.
Known For: The 5th train of Sodor.

James the Red Engine is the only train who has a number and is red. He's a nice guy, but he has a bit of a superiority complex. He has a brother named Edward the Blue Engine, who's number is 2.

His best allies Thomas and Percy respectively have 6 wheels and 4 wheels. James has 8 wheels, 6 normal-sized ones, and 2 small ones. He's also fast for a train like himself.

He and Percy helped Thomas destroy a teletubby terrorist base, though it took effort to destroy. Probably because Discord was there.

He is armed with a coal cart-mounted BEE! machine gun, a railgun that comes out of his top sections and Spartan Lasers in his circular things at the front..

He takes people from the Dolar System to the UnRank Scales. He is also Ceiling Cat's taxi to the battlefield.

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