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James “YEYEAH” Hetfield
Gender: MAN
Hair color: GREY
Age: OLD
Likes: Saying “YEYEAH”
Dislikes: The n-word: “No”
Known For:
  • Saying “YEYEAH”
  • Metallica
  • Shooting guns
  • Saying “YEYEAH”
Alignment: Chaotic Good
" YEYEAH!!! "
  —James Hetfield
" F*CK!!! "
  —James Hetfield when he’s not saying “YEYEAH”

James “YEYEAH” Hetfield is an UnAmerican guy and member of Metallica, therefore one of the people who foresaw the rise of the Very Strange One. He also says “YEYEAH” a lot - the only other word he’s ever been heard saying is “F*CK!!!”


James Hetfield was born in 1963 at the age of 0. It is said in common legend that he came out of the womb screaming “YEYEAH,” followed shortly by “F*CK” when he saw The Very Strange One was the Doctor. In 1978 he formed Metallica with Lars “DONG” Ulrich, so that they could spread warning about the Very Strange One through their music. However, nobody truly understood the warnings because the only lyrics were the words “YEYEAH” and “F*CK.”



Throughout his life, Hetfield frequently crossed paths with other musicians, both good and evil. This lead to him making Justin Bieber to get shooted. Some time in the distant future, James Hetfield will turn on the Very Strange One and do an epic battle with him before overthrowing him and becoming the new Master of Sockpuppets. (That day will be the End of the Line for Strange) Hetfield, due to his actions, is generally celebrated as a Hero of the Day.