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This article is about the Dog, for the man from State Farm, go here.

Jake The Dog is Finn The Human's adoptive bro-dog. He travels with Finn as they slay evil monsters all across the land of Ooo and the UnWorld, Just like Finn, he can be very loud and chaotic, but in a slight more mature and doggish way.

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hey...what's updog?
Gender: male
Hair color: Orange fur
Eye color: Black and White
UnBirthday: 3100s
Species: dog
Home: The Land of Ooo
Death: can respawn
AKA: Jake The Dog
Likes: happy fam being happy
Dislikes: VAMPIRES

His worst, most horrible nightmares coming true liKE LOSING HIS FAM

Education: the school of life
Occupation: Hero
Known For: being stretchy,

being the father of puppycorns, being finns older brother, heroic stuff

Powers: shapeshifting, biggening and streeeeetchhh
UnRank: 98


Nobody really knows when he was born. It was actually rumored at some point that he didnt even exist. That's because people from the Real World are dumb and thought that Finn was in a coma and everything around him was a dream.

Jake is mutated. Which makes sense considering he's bipedal and CAN TALK. He also has a few handy dandy superpowers like (limited?) elasticity, shapeshifting, density manipulation and alteration, durability, and the power of sick rhymes. He also helped Finn fight in The Mushroom War.

He later on married Lady Rainycorn and both had weird hybrid babies.


  • He is terrified of vampires, Marceline being an exception now
  • Just like Finn, he is a Chuck Norris fan
  • He is made out of the same "skin" as Kirby, only more powerful and malleable
  • Bacon Pancakes
  • UnProfessional singer