Jack Landson (better known as Jacksepticeye) was the 4th ruler of Ireland and distant relative to Ireland founder and first ruler Floopity Ire landson.

Jack was born in the early 1400's in HyBrasil and was a quarter leprechaun. Because during this time HyBrasil was under Irish rule, Jack received Irish citizenship and soon moved to the mainland with his family of 33. 

When a North Korean esque government was installed under the reign of Saint Patrick, Jack managed to enter to government and become a member.

After Saint Patrick's mysterious death, Jack took over as head of the country.

He was replaced by Shoen Bobson in the 1930's and he currently works as a washed up let’s player, similar to Vinny Pizzapasta.

When Quadrucloptia was built, Peppa Pig forced him to be her slave. Then he was starved to death.

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