Jack Frost
Jacked frost

I think this image is Photoshopped.

Hair color: Hee ho no hair!
Eye color: Black
Age: 12
Species: Frost
Height: 4'11"
Home: the Frost Dimension
Alive or Dead?: Alive
AKA: Jacked Frost
Likes: Saying hee ho!
Dislikes: Hee no-t saying hee ho!
Education: None
Occupation: Being a pain in the hee ho!
Religion: Christ-hee ho-nity
Powers: Making your hee n-ho-se cold!
UnRank: 600

Not to be confused with a Frosty hee ho!

Jack frost is one of those hee ho-rrifying jesters who never seems to shut the hee ho up! Hee is Known for being a normal citizen of the Frost Dimension, hee ho! Jack Frost's strength is puny compared to Black Frost, his Cousin. Hee Als-ho has a cousin named Jack Thompson. He hates Black Frost (even hee though gives him his advanced powers on April Fools') Hee als-ho has a Wa-version of himself called WaJack Frost, and a WaWa-version called WaWaJack Frost. With a WaWaWA-version called WaWaWaJack Frost. Additionally he has a WaWaWaWa-version called WaWaWaWaJack Frost, hee ho!


Raised in the hee ho's of Hell, and trained to be as annoying as possible hee ho, Jack Frost has rupt-hee ho'd the eardrums of 10,000 kids in South Hyrule! But he got the flu for a month because of all the peasants hee ho. He now has moved from Hee Hell ho to Gensokyo and then back to thee Frost Dimension ho! Jack Frost now lifts weight for a hee ho, getting more ripped by the hee ho!

War Contributions

During t-hee Frost Dimensi-ho-n War Jack Frost was used as hee ho support for 2 WaWaJack Frosts. Due to t-hee-ir alm-ho-st unbreakable d-hee-fense ho when combined, they can out hee ho 10 Black Frosts quite easily. He was giv-hee-n ho the "Shiny Gold Metal (Totally doesn't have chocolate inside™)" of the Frost Dimension.

Skills used during the War

  • Gangnam Style
  • Ali Dance
  • Repel Fire
  • Masukukaja
  • Masukunda
  • Tetraja
  • Makara Break
  • Spell Master

The Olympics


Jack Frost once w-hee-nt to the 9001 BC Olympics to comp-hee-te ho against Bowser, Po, WaMr. L, King Harkinian, and Shaggy. He won in the hee ho race because of what t-hee contestants ho claim to be "Super secret jester powers that make everyone else perform badly." How-hee-ver these claims are untrue ho as they all suck at running. Eventually when Mari-ho and Sonic showed up 3 hours later hee ho, to race against this "godly runner" they found out Jack Frost was actually using what scientists today know as "walking" to run. He learned this skill in QWOP, hee ho!

Epic Powers hee ho!

Hee kn-ho-ws a DEADLY dance hee known as the Gangnam Style! It sure is a guarentee way to make every hee ho who's in a 5 yard radius heads explode FROM THE EPICNESS HEE HO!!!
Jack Frost's dance moves sure to make everyone's head ASPLODE!!!

Jack Frost's dance moves sure to make everyone's head ASPLODE!!!

Final Smash Description
TAKE THAT HEE HO! Jack Frost unleashes frost magic into the sky turning the clouds into ice clouds, smiting lightning ice sculptures onto everyone below and killing them.
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