Jæ Wį

best quality photo of Jæ Wį. Photographer presumed dead

Gender: Unknown (no identifiable genetalia
Eye color: Yellow, blue, and beige (heterochromatic)
Species: Unknown
Home: Unknown (area in unmapped space)

Jæ Wį is a mysterious entity believed to be tied with J.Y company due to its resemblance to its logo. The entity it’s self is quite mysterious.

(the name Jæ Wį was given to it after the resemblance to the J.Y company logo was pointed out)

Known Information

Jæ Wį has several mysterious powers however only a few have been confirmed

thse include:

  • Forcefield generation
  • Small-scale Transfiguration
  • Mouth laser, believed to actually be a launch of highly compressed stomach acid.

unconfirmed powers include:

  • Mitosis
  • Large-scale Transfiguration

deconfirmed powers include:

  • Eye lasers

besides that, it must be mentioned that the entity is dangerously hostile. Considering it’s reported enormous size it would be dangerous no matter what’s its intent was, but it is known that the entity, with its primitive nervous system, has the instinct to destroy anything that moves. This includes:

  • People
  • Rockets
  • Space Stations
  • Planets
  • Stars
  • Black Holes
  • Galaxies


This lists encounters described by people who, well, encountered Jæ Wį

if you’ve encountered Jæ Wį or know someone who has, please add your/their description of the encounter.

Greaves McSteves

“So there I was, in deep deep space, just another speck, when that god forsaken bright red ball came THROUGH a star, it was disgustingly pulsating.

My feet would have been pressed against this very thing. The cold light would have hit all the nerves that run through my body. My arms would have been shaking. It would have been like I was wearing a tuxedo. But my mind was completely off, and there I was looking at my universe, at my own universe. And I just walked like there was nothing I needed to know except what I was saying, and that was it. As far as I was concerned, anything was fine. All I had to do was listen, and that was it. I didn't move until the thing took over -- even though it wasn't even there. It wasn't like I was moving, even as I said the thing was. It was a feeling.

’oh god‘ the ship's copilot said.

she pulled me back in and started the thrusters, but the thing followed us. It was so fast. It didn't seem human to me. It looked like one of these things from the movies. There were these huge weirdly colored eyes glaring at us, this red spiky creature sat there staring straight at us.”

~ Greaves McSteves, on his encounter with Jæ Wį

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