Italy is a country in southern Europe next to the Mushroom Kingdom and the Chatyot Republic. it is best known for being nazi pizza and the mafia. It was empire a trillion or something years ago and they want to be one again but cant because they've all become lazy.


Italy photographed next to the Mushroom Kingdom and Chatyot republic


Real long ago

So a real long ago, around 30 BC, this funky fellow named Nero, decided he was just gonna own the medditeranean, and he just went and did!

He killed his mom, and enslaved the local barbarians and ancient geeks and lived the high life, but he soon after killed himself in 0 AD so he was paranoid someone else was gonna off him.

The island of siciliy became the Mushroom Kingdom.

Not as long ago, but still long ago

so after like 1,890 years, this man named Mussolini comes in and is all like, "Fascism is religion" and boom, everyone in Italy is now a Nazi!

He worked with Hitler and later Hitler's clone to "purify" Italy. It backfired on Mussolini as Italy became a german puppet state.

At the end of World War 2, Italy said they stopped being Nazi (but they were secretly still Nazi SHHHhhh)

Like, yesterday, or something.

Some true Itallian patriot named Vinny, with the help of his friends, started a new empire including Italy and near by reigions. This made the Vinny the defacto new Itallian emporer.

It lasted him a good few years before he slowly lost all of his territory to various over countries, this process being kicked off by the Asgardian Empire.

Italy was brought back to being good ol' Italy, with their Nazi Pizza and.. what now...?

Famous people from Italy

List of Itallian Emporers

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