The Isopodian Trans-Dimensional Teleportation Machine (God, what a mouthful of a name), or alternatively shortened to I.T.D.T.M., is a machine built by King Isopod for, obviously, trans-dimensional travel.


After he tasted Doritos for the first time, King Isopod loved them so much that he put in the time and effort to build this machine (and finally finishing it in 1927) to travel dimensions to find out where the Doritos came from. He never did find out, but by this time Frito Lay, a pathetic company had also found some Doritos, and after analyzing it, claimed it for their own, making many Doritos and becoming a full-fledged business. King Isopod located this place and using his machine, sent many Giant Isopods to steal some Doritos from UnEarth. It is a daily system and still operates to this day.


Basically, the I.T.D.T.M. opens a portal anywhere in the UnOmniverse. However, it's almost always used on UnEarth, especially around Australia. So I guess it's kinda wasted...


  • Many people have attempted to either make bootlegs of the I.T.D.T.M. or straight-up steal it. None of them succeeded, as King Isopod stalked them, turned them into Doritos, and ate them.
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