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The Isopod Dimension is the home area where Giant Isopods originate from, as well as the area under the rule of King Isopod. It is quite small for a dimension, but still huge. It also contains the UnMultiverse's largest ever Doritos factory. Isopods are the size of kittens and like to come to Earth to steal Doritos, throw away junk, and scare the crap out of people.

A Giant Isopod on a rock within the Isopod Dimension.


As it is a dimension of its own, the Isopod Dimension is technically not a part of the UnUniverse. It is one of the most remote dimensions out there and had no link with any others until King Isopod tried Doritos for the first time and loved them so much, he built a trans-dimensional teleportation machine, and then sent his isopods to the birthplace of Doritos, Earth, and bring back as many as they can. It's pretty much a daily system now.


Obviously, as its name suggests, the Isopod Dimension is inhabited by Giant Isopods, in fact, they are its only inhabitants. There used to be other inhabitants, but they were thrown to Earth out of uselessness. As of now, there are an estimated 204,939,015,319 Isopods living in the Isopod Dimension.

Some more Isopods in the Isopod Dimension. I bet they wish they had some Doritos right now.

Friendliness to Tourists

How would you even get to the Isopod Dimension? Whatever, it's a terrible idea anyway. The Giants Isopods are NOT friendly to tourists and will bring any to King Isopod, who will subsequently turn them into Doritos and devour them. So yeah, don't come here. The only way to escape them is to throw a bag of Doritos in the other direction and run. It won't work for long, though, because 1, you're underwater, in fact, the entire dimension is, and 2, the Isopods will want more. And when they catch up, they will not be amused.


  • Originally, the Isopods weren't the only inhabitants. There also used to be pineapples, which used to be the Isopods' main food source. However, since they discovered Doritos, they have no more use for pineapples, so now they dump them on Earth with every Dorito hunt, which is why Earth has so many pineapples on it.
  • During the GREAT ISOPOD WAR, King Isopod had to overwork his Doritos factory more than ever before to provide food for his troops.
  • Hank Hill once attempted a raid on the Doritos factory here, but it failed miserably.