Ireland (MODIS)

Ireland, Home of the Drunk

Ireland is a country next to the UnUnited Kingdom. It is most known for its surplus amount of sheep and beer. It is very green and green, while also being very green. It is right next to a smaller continent called Bireland.


Ireland was founded by a guy name Floopity Ire Landson, which is where the name
220px-Rainbow Leprechaun

Floopity Ire Landson in his 40s

came from. He founded it because he loved beer and wanted to share his love by starting a country. He asked the queen of UnBritain if he could make one and the queen gave him Ireland. This land was original supposed to be her son's, so he hired Floopity's wife to kill him, and she did in 1671. In 1701, Floopity's great great great great grandson, Aedon, took over and introduced sheep to Ireland. These sheep caused many people to become rich of off sheep ears, and made Ireland the fifth richest country in UnBritiain. This is the reason many leperchauns have pots of gold. In 1831, Shoen Bobson became president of Ireland and still is the president to this day. On January 14th, 1867, a sheep gave birth to a potato, starting the great potato craze, which still is going on today.

Aedon, the guy who introduced sheep

An Irish guy known as Billy Billson invented the rainbow here.

The Great Snake War

After a snake heard of the rumor that Saint Patrick chased out all the snakes in Ireland, he told the Snake King and he was greatly offended and called war with Ireland. The snakes secretly invaded and ate all the potatoes except for one. This potato fought back and killed the Snake King causing all the snakes to leave Ireland for ever. Saint Patrick, of course, took credit for this and the potato was treated as a normal potato. He was so ignored, it's a shock that we even remembered him.

List of Rulers

List of Residents species

  • People: These dumbies are somehow the most common species in Ireland.
  • Leprechauns: These are the most iconic species (technichally they're just short people but still) in Ireland.
  • Sheep: Sheep are super cool and distant relatives of goats.
  • Potatoes: Not to be confused with tomatoes, the are super cool.
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