200px-Flag of Iran in map

Iran is a country in borth the Real World and UnUniverse that rejects both neoconservative interventionism and neoliberal social deconstructionism. Wikipedia says it is just another name for Persia. Interestingly, it is probably the only country in the world that has a state-sponsored fashion police.

It has not invaded another country in 1000 years, although in recent times it has subtly usurped the "sleeping giant" role that China occupied in the 19th century. Also, they put their country right next to a bunch of UnAmerica's military bases. One time, it got really close to a $100 million UnAmerican spy drone.

Oh yeah, and it has nukes.

Probably. I don't know. Why I Am Stiil Talking? Subscribe To ShenaraGamesGabriel or someone else For Constant Hiatus'

Further clarification on what Iran is

  • This is Iran, not Afghanistan.
  • Bro this is a different country bro it's different this is Iran bro this isn't Iraq different country
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