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Elderly memes. They're only being kept alive by unfunny kids and Facebook moms.

" Internet memes are memes on the internet. "
  —Captain Obvious on Internet Memes

Internet memes (also known as The Invaders of the Internet) were created by Po to invade Pac-Land but, it was a failure. The internet memes didn't invade Pac-Land but instead, they invade Sonic Islands. The internet memes became good when Troll hypnotized them to be good. An evil girl named Dora the Explorer hypnotized the internet memes to be bad again but it failed. The internet memes became permanently good. The internet memes will never be bad again. The internet memes fixed the Sonic Islands and created their own island called Meme Island.

The Members of "The Invaders of the Internet"

  • Nyan Cat - A flying cat with a body of a poptart that flies through outer space and releases a deadly rainbow.
  • WaTroll - An evil(er) version of Troll.
  • Epic Face - He is angry and happy.
  • Lol Guy - Releases a deadly laser while LOLing.
  • Okay Guy - He's not really a member of "The Invader of the Internet". He was just hypnotized by Po then became a member.
  • Shoop da Whoop - IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!! BLAHHHH!!
  • Pedo Bear - He is a bear that loves little girls and is evil.
  • K-fee - It's a drink that has appeared in spooky ads.
  • Trollface - A something nobody likes.
  • Mama Luigi - Mario's popular pick-up line to make Luigi seem like a faggot.
  • Weegee - An evil counterpart of Luigi.
  • Gay Luigi - The truth.
  • Derp - The face you make when you see something that you shouldn't be seeing.
  • Brony - Losers with no life and wastes all of their time on their "ponies".
  • Master Chief - Someone who is awesome.
  • Elvis Presley - Enemy of Michael Jackson.
  • Ronald McDonald - A redhead clown who is a successful owner of McDonald's
  • Dr. Eggman - Pingas.
  • Dr. Robotnik - Wait, I thought he- wai- WUT??!
  • Po - A Teletubby who was sent by Satan to bring souls for him.
  • Tinky Winky - Another Teletubby sent by Satan to assist Po.
  • Tails - A 9 year old fox who is willing to help his "wife" Sonic.
  • Luigi - Mario's brother. The gay one.
  • Sanic - A Heghugh whose sole goal is to go fast.
  • Doge - wow such shiba inu many meme very MLG
  • Little Einsteins - They wouldn't be here if it wasn't for their Theme Song Remix.
  • Bonzi Buddy - A purple gorilla who likes cheese and Geena Battaline, as well as infecting computers with viruses.
  • Splat Tim - The inventor of Splatoon.


As days went by, internet memes population began to grow. There are new internet memes such as Fakegees, Philosoraptor, etc. And then even newer ones came along!