Inkopolis is a location where all (but Splat Tim) inklings live. The inklings, here do Turf Wars and other s***. Before the events of the shame Splatoon, Your Mom lived here. Untill she saw inklings. Then she left. The inklings hate water.


Inkopolis was built in 1736 by the inklings. In 1839, Splat Tim destroyed it, but the inklings repaired it. In 2010, they wanted Nintendo to make a shame staring them called Splatoon. Nintendo said that they would have to make it in 2015. So the inklings waited for five more years. After that, they played the new shame, and they loved it! If they hated it, they would sue Nintendo. Why would they do THAT?

More History

In the next 9 nonillin trillion billon millon years, the inklings will be gone forever. FOOOOOOORRRRREEEEEVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR! MUAHHAHAHAHA!! Sorry for scaring you too much... Sorry, very sorry. Soooooooo sorry that you would die. Your mom would be very very happy by then.

Even More History?!

In the next 10000000000 nonillin years, Inkpolis will be destroyed. Yes. Destroyed. It would look red right before it's destroyed.
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