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The Infinity Army

Featuring the colors of the Infinity Stones! (What the logo used to look like then prior to reporting that there was a seventh stone)


Thanos, the zeroth member and founder. His device, the Infinity Gauntlet is what inspired him to make this group.

This army made by Thanos is known as the Infinity Army. Because Thanos is known for doing mass genocides and building armies (Ultimate Platinum Overlord Invasion Organization and Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization), he bought many more bad guys to build an EVEN BIGGER army known as the Infinity Army. Thanos also named it after the Infinity Gauntlet (Which inspired him to make this army) and the six Infinity Stones that go in it. There are 120 members in total. Each of the six (Soon to be seven due to the Indigo Resurrection Stone's existence) subgroups represents one of the Infinity Stones that go on the Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos, thus resulting 5 admins per subgroup (30 (Soon to be 35) admins in total). Due to Thanos founding this group and creating such a concept behind it, he claimed to be the "zeroth member" since he's the founder.

Future with the Indigo Resurrection Stone

Thanos is currently hiring twenty people (five of whom are admins) for the Indigo Resurrection Group increasing the army to 140 members (141 if you count Thanos himself). He also discovered that the Power Stone leaned towards blue than red, leading him to rename the subgroup from "Purple Power Group" to "Violet Power Group". With the Indigo Resurrection Stone discovered, he decided to arrange them in ROYGBIV rather than ROYGBVI.

Fall of the Infinity Army

Due to Thanos's demise after being snapped away by Iron Man, everyone decided to either find other ways to be evil or completely redeem themselves (Or redeem themselves again if they betrayed the heroes).

Members (In chronological order)

  • Thanos (Founder)(Supreme leader)
  1. Somari (Admin)
  2. Camerupt (Admin)
  3. Sharpedo (Admin)
  4. Fortran (Admin)
  5. Chin-Chin (Admin)
  6. Tinky Winky (Admin)
  7. Grand Dad (Admin)
  8. Scanty (Admin)
  9. Kneesocks (Admin)
  10. Googolplex (Admin)
  11. Tsunami (Admin)
  12. Dipsy (Admin)
  13. Wario (Admin)
  14. Waluigi (Admin)
  15. Lilligant (Admin)(Defected)
  16. Bowser (Admin)
  17. Bowser Jr. (Admin)
  18. Laa-Laa (Admin)
  19. Oswald (Admin)
  20. The Second Coming (Admin)(Defected)
  21. Galvatron (Admin)
  22. Starscream (Admin)
  23. Pearl Krabs (Admin)
  24. Po (Admin)
  25. Meta Knight (Admin)
  26. Randall Boggs (Admin)
  27. Ursaring (Admin)
  28. Tropius (Admin)
  29. Natalia Arlovskaya (Admin)
  30. Gamzee Makara (Admin)(Defected back to the heroes)
  31. Sableye
  32. Mawile
  33. Eridan Ampora (Defected back to the heroes)
  34. Metagross
  35. Diesel
  36. Cirno
  37. Goodra
  38. Freddy Krueger
  39. Jason Voorhees
  40. Slender Man
  41. Flippy
  42. Lumpy
  43. Sniffles
  44. Soundwave
  45. Shockwave
  46. Magmortar
  47. Electivire
  48. Lurantis
  49. Gengar
  50. Discord
  51. Tyrantrum
  52. Gigalith
  53. Painis Cupcake
  54. SoupCock Porkpie
  55. Vagineer
  56. Piss Cakehole
  57. Postman Pat
  58. Fireman Sam
  59. Flandre Scarlet
  60. Remilia Scarlet
  61. Muno
  62. Toodee
  63. Plex
  64. Brobee
  65. Foofa
  66. Pedobear
  67. Herobrine
  68. The Candyman (Defected)
  69. Benson
  70. Barney
  71. Ass Pancakes
  72. Dora the Explorer
  73. Freddy Fazbear
  74. Snowball
  75. Vinnie the Canadian Engine
  76. Creepy Mask Man
  77. Robbie Rotten
  78. Stingy
  79. Bonzi Buddy
  80. T-1000
  81. Onslaught
  82. Brawl
  83. Swindle
  84. Vortex
  85. Blast Off
  86. Glados
  87. Angelica Pickles
  88. Bubble Bass
  89. Ice King
  90. Major Crits
  91. Plankton
  92. Utsuho Reiuji
  93. Squilliam Fancyson
  94. Shiftry
  95. Houndoom
  96. Weavile
  97. Trix Rabbit
  98. Vice-Admiral Stanley
  99. Von Nebula
  100. Diesel 10
  101. Zoroark
  102. Escavalier
  103. Nightmare Medic
  104. Slowking
  105. Vespiquen
  106. Krookodile
  107. Pinsir
  108. Heracross
  109. Scizor
  110. Nihilego
  111. Pheromosa
  112. Blacephalon
  113. Buzzwole
  114. Xurkitree
  115. Kartana
  116. Celesteela
  117. Guzzlord
  118. Stakataka
  119. Naganadel
  120. Draco Malfoy



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