Indominus Rex

Gender: Female... wait what?
Age: 3
Birthdate: June something
Species: Genetic abomination
Home: Currently settling in that- wait, it just destroyed the universe. Never mind.
Death: It's fucking immortal. Norris bless us all.
AKA: Lythronax 2.0
Likes: Killing
Dislikes: Everything
Religion: Nothing
UnRank: -∞

Oh god... no no no no no no, this can't be.... Holy crap. We are all in REALLY deep shit. But, while we're still alive...

The Indominus Rex is a genetic hybrid made by who knows what. This is about as evil as it gets.


The Lythronax base genome was used for Indominus. However, acknowledging that Lythronax wasn't at all evil (just a murderous creature with eternal bloodlust, by technicality that isn't evil), the creator then threw in a hair of the now dead Sub-Basement Cat, a pixel from Herobrine, and for good measure, a DarthNorrisgee feather (who knows who the creator was to even get that). Out came this demon.

As of now, it hasn't fought equally evil beings, because none of them WANT to. WaAsplode Tinky Winky once tried to prove it was as weak as Lythronax, which it had beaten before. He was silenced for a very good while, let's just say that.


Personality? Pfft... is killing a personality? Unlike Lythronax, however, it truly is evil. It truly despises everything. It is also much smarter, not knowing the secrets of the UnUniverse, but far clever enough to outsmart its opponents easily.


  • Everything Lythronax can do, but stronger
  • Invisibility
  • Idiot Manipulation
  • Intelligence (this is a VERY smart being)
  • Chaos Control (A REALLY awesome power. See the article for more info)
  • All DarthNorrisgee powers on a much weaker scale
  • Matter Manipulation
  • Extreme thermoregulation (can drop its temperature to below detection, and also raise it for a galaxy destroying Shoop da Whoop)


  • Indominus Rex is nearly as strong as the strongest Undefeatables. Unfortunately, they refuse to stop her, because they know how time-confusing the process would be. Likewise, if Indominus tried to murder one of the strongest Undefeatables, she wouldn't get anywhere. That's not to say she would give up, though...
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