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Indian Chuck Norris patrolling the streets, looking for people to challenge him.

Indian Chuck Norris a.k.a. Durai Singham is the Indian version of the Undefeatable Chuck Norris. He is one of the most powerful men in India and roams the country to make sure nobody messes with him, his friends or his bumbling colleague. He lives in a small village and his main job is serving the police. He has appeared in various movies where his awesomeness is shown in full detail and glory.

He was created after Chuck Norris went to India, not wanting to stay there too long (in case the Bad Guys would start annoying him and the Undefeatables again), he created his Indian counterpart to do the job while Chuck beat the living hell out of people who didn't listen to him or his friends. Once Indian Chuck Norris was created, he automatically became one of the most powerful men in India purely for the fact that he was created by Chuck Norris himself.

Indian Chuck Norris' main responsibilities are keeping the peace in India, fighting crime, stopping the mafia and challenging other powerful figures in an attempt to increase his powers. He is one of the people responsible for keeping India on the UnWorld map despite various other more powerful nations.

He is the main creator of Ashima the Indian Engine (as he wanted a personal taxi like Chuck Norris did, he later brought her to Sodor as he didn't need a taxi anymore when he found out that he could travel really fast) and the duo Motu and Patlu. He is friends with most of the gods in India. He currently has a feud with the ruler of India (Gandhi) over his salary.

Known abilities



Indian Chuck Norris kicking ass as usual.

  • The indian chuck norris 2

    The indian chuck norris 2

    Indian Chuck Norris on a roll once again.

    Managing to run at incredible speeds
  • Whipping people to make them assured to fear his name even more.
  • Being able to rip a lantern pole out of cement.
  • Creating other beings
  • Being able to utilize a weaker version of the Roundhouse Kick


  • Unlike his more known American counterpart, the Indian Chuck Norris only uses violence when there is no other way, and in a more humiliating fashion.
  • His legendary weapon, the Belt Whip is said to contain the force to even kill people with a very powerful UnRank.
  • His signature punishment for people who do not fear him enough is to put them all in a square and then whipping them violently, embarrassing them.
  • It is rumoured that he might be immune to the Weegee Stare, although this is highly unlikely due to the existence of Chuck Norriseegee.
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