Map of india

0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 percent of all of the Indian Deities

is a giant country in South Asia that borders China, the Squadala Empire, the Sonic Islands and Stania. The nation is home to people with so many gods, not even Pi and OVER 9000 even come close to their numbers. The country is ruled by Mohandas Ghandi.


The land we know as India today used to be part of Stania's oversized empire. Then a group of pirates landed and raided poor Stanian cities and tried to steal money that wasn't there. This pissed both the pirates and the Stanians off, so they just decided to begin trading Cheese with eachother. However, Pirates realised they have no use for cheese, so they got pissed off again. This sparked a series of conflicts in which pirates began raiding rich Stanian cities, and getting the money they wanted.

After 1000 years, the pirates got bored, and went to some other place to raid and steal. About 2300 years later, a group of people known as the Harrapans landed in Stanian India. They then realised that this land was already owned, so they decided to leave. However, the space ships they used to get there run off of rare fuel only found on the Harrapans native planet, and there were no reserves of this fuel on the UnWorld. So the Harrapans just decided to stay.

Eventually, they began breeding with Europeans from Stania and created a new race called the Indians. They then created some crazy awesome religion called Hinduism. Everybody in the India provence liked Hinduism, and they tried to convert the Stanians with their weird religion. It failed, and made Stanians really mad at the Indians. They then just decided to jail all who call themselves Hindus, and then everybody became not Hindus.

Many years later, the Stanian Empire was defeated by Sparta, and ownership of India was transferred to Sparta. The religion was then changed to Greek Mythology. The Spartan years saw much political stability, and the living standards of Indians increased. For some time afterwards India became a monarchy, ruled by King Dεdεdε the pangolin (not to be confused with King Dedede the penguin) but he was taken down by Chuckles the Cheat who cheated India into not being a monarchy, King Dεdεdε also died, too.

After another 1000 years, the Spartan Empire began to decline. Mohandas Ghandi, and Indian nationalist, declared India independent from Sparta. A war followed, and the Indians won, making India an independent nation. After this, everybody loved Gandhi and they all declared him the President for ETERNITY!!!!!

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