The iiPod is a music device invented by Steve Jobs and produced by Apple in 2001. It is the successor of the iPod and the most popular music playing device in the UnWorld. However, music devices are no longer popular since the iPhone came out, and the iiPod is now stupid.

The iiPod was first invented when Steve Jobs started to lose money on the iPod. He realized that the stupid people of the UnWorld would buy another iPod if it had a different name. He took an iPod, changed the size and buttons, and called it the iiPod. It did exactly the same thing as the iPod, but it cost twice as much. Everybody loved it. They loved it so much, the iiPod theme music became the most downloaded song. This is especially impressive because the iiPod does not have theme music.

The iiPod remained successful for several years. It only started to go downhill when the iPhone was made. The iPhone could do everything the iiPod could do, but it could also function as a phone. The iPod Shuffle was made as the successor of the iiPod. Despite this, the iiPod is considered to have marked the end of the music player business.

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