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The icosahedron is a powerful living 3D shape, which may be slightly more powerful than the sun. Due to its small form factor; the icosahedron is one of the most powerful things in the UnOmniverse. Some scientists claim it to be just as powerful as Chuck Norris.[Citation Needed] While the true power level of the icosahedron isn't known, it's certainly OVER 9000. With such power, it can summon copies of itself.. But in the year 1,000,000, the icosahedron was destroyed by the N.S.M.R.C.U.D.S.K.M.C.M.D.P.U.S.D.D.E.N.M.V.9001.D.T.S.E.H. It respawned in 1000001, however.

A notable property of the icosahedron is that it can manifest itself onto a virus capsid, which, when caused by the original icosahedron, results in an almost impossibly massive power boost. This resulted in Billy Mays's incredible power. If 2 Icosahedron ever met, and somebody captured them, that could be really bad.

They also have a Dice made in their likeness called the 20 Sided Dice. The original Icosahedron however does not acknowledge these as legitimate icosahedra. On the contrary, Miracle Matter is recognized as an artificial icosahedron.



Weegeefied icosahedron's theme.

Like most other things he has a Weegee form.