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The Ice Statue of Doom, shortly before being destroyed by Mario for the fleventyth time.

When Mister Kooperton thought he could make something better than the Statue of Doom, he made the Ice Statue of Doom. It's not much. In fact, it's just a normal, if high-quality, ice statue.


Mister Kooperton built it in 1 day. That was nothing compared to the Statue of Doom, which took 1 year. When asked why he was pointing a blowdryer at a block of ice, he retorted "I'll show them the power of monuments," before being smacked by a Bowser Cityer with a suspiciously frisky dolphin.

Unphased due to the fact that the smack had the sole porpoise of causing him pain, which he couldn't feel because of the ice, he continued sculpting. After 25 hours of work, he had made the largest statue ever made in a day. This is when Mario came along, stomped on his head and blew up the statue with a fireball. Nobody was sad it got destroyed, and nobody helped rebuild it.

Now, it's a tourist attraction because Mario blows it up at 9:00 AM every morning but it regenerates. At night, people say it watches them, but Steve Jobs had his private assassins take them out, thinking they were talking about the iSteve Jobs.

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