We got the goods!

This is the fifteenth episode of the new Teletubbies TV show from 2015.


The episode begins with Dipsy, Po and Alt 2.0 chanting "VACATION! VACATION! VACATION!" This gives Tinky Winky an idea - he decides to sneak weapons into his bag before the Teletubbies set off for the airport so that he can prank the security guards. Noo-Noo doesn't think it's funny, so he sucks up all the weapons. Angered, Po tries to run over Noo-Noo with PO COOTAH, but she accidentally runs over Tinky Winky. Because Po thinks it's fun to run him over, she does it a thousand times.

Meanwhile, Laa-Laa is letting the Tiddlytubbies watch a video of people cooking on her screen. She hears Tinky Winky scream, so she runs into the room, sees PO COOTAH shooting out its drug dust, and thinks the dust is salt, like the people in the video ate. Since Laa-Laa had never eaten salt before and wants to eat it, she eats the drug dust PO COOTAH shoots out before going to bed.

The next day, Laa-Laa wakes up and begins hallucinating. She mistakes Po for WaBonzi Buddy, and sees rainbows, dolphins, candee and puppies everywhere. She even sees a vision of Eho for a split second. The rest of the episode is just Laa-Laa's weird hallucinations.


This episode made kids think it was good to do drugs, and drugs began to fly off the shelves thanks to it. Parents complained to the BBC and said the episode should be pulled from the air ASAP, but the BBC didn't listen and began to air the episode everyday.

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